SNM Servicios Náuticos de México

SNM is a Mexican nautical services company, with great history and experience in the field, due toour expert team of engineers and nautical designers who were forged along the sea and its traditions. Each client represents the greatest value for them. Their main goal is to assure their clients that their vessels and ships are in the best hands. SNM specialists are passionate about their work, and recognize the importance and responsibility that is placed upon them: as part of this grand family of ocean workers.

Number one products

They manufacture several models of sail and motor catamarans. SNM number one products are the Contoy 65 and Contoy 70 Catamarans, produced in series. They also fabricate the Contoy 48 sail Catamarans, motor Orca 43 and Orca 49, in a special process that applies new construction methods, alongside a vast array of last generation materials.


Highest performance

All their ships’ hulls are of the highest performance in the market and of great structural resistance. They provide their clients the flexibility of choosing the type of structure to be used [for their ship], according to their needs. Some clients prefer their vessels in a certain way because they’ll be usedin regatas (therefore they use highly resistant and lighter materials), other clients pick structures fordaily trips to accommodate up to 120 passengers. They entirely adjust to your needs.

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