Vaan R4 offers more stability, space and comfort for the whole family.


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  • 2x FP10 saildrive (standard)
  • Power: 2x 10kW (similar to 2x 20Hp combustion)
  • Hydro Generation: no
  • BMW i-Series LMO-NMC batteries 20 or 40kWh
  • Optional generator: 10kW


  • 2x SD15 saildrive (option)
  • Power: 2x 15kW (similar to 2x 30Hp combustion)
  • Hydro Generation:
    • up to 2x 1kW (standard)
    • up to 2x 2.5kW (servo-prop)
  • Valence LiFePO4 batteries 20 or 40 kWh
  • Optional generator: 15kW


The R4 is designed for active sailors who are looking for more space than a monohull offers. The cockpit and saloon are at the same level, and there is very little heeling. Your guests, friends and family can enjoy all the comfort, luxury and space while you are at the helm enjoying their company.



The design of the R4 is based on circular principles from the start. It is mostly made of recyclable materials and it is almost completely recyclable itself. The hull is made of more than 50% recycled aluminium like old window frames, traffic signs and license plates. Some parts contain even more than 75% reused materials. Aluminium also has an excellent track record for its strength, safety and flexibility.



With the R4 inside and outside are on the same level, only separated by glass. During a sailing trip the person at the helm has direct visible contact with someone preparing a nice salad or a child playing a game.

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